Welcome to the Patra Code of Conduct Training.

The Code of Conduct policy and related training provides employees, directors and officers of Patra Corporation with guidance on ethical and compliance issues. It states the Company’s expectations for ethical conduct.  The Code is a set of general principles, and, therefore, must be used together with good judgment. While it is not possible to cover the infinite variety of situations to which the Code and its related policies and procedures apply, it is imperative that all actions be based on honesty and integrity. This training will provide you general principals of expected ethical conduct.  From there, you can utilize sound judgment for the application of these principals during the course of your employment at Patra.  Please start the training using the Code of Conduct link in the Course Navigation in the side bar.


This training is mandatory for all employees.  All employees completing the annual training program must complete the lecture materials prior to March 15, 2021.  New hires must complete this course within two weeks of hire.



Course Materials

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