Welcome to PatraCorp’s Code of Conduct Training.  The Code of Conduct policy and related training provides employees, directors and officers of Patra Corporation with guidance on ethical and compliance issues. It states the Company’s expectations for ethical conduct.  The Code is a set of general principles, and, therefore, must be used together with good judgment. While it is not possible to cover the infinite variety of situations to which the Code and its related policies and procedures apply, it is imperative that all actions be based on honesty and integrity. This training will provide you general principals of expected ethical conduct.  From there, you can utilize sound judgment for the application of these principals during the course of your employment at PatraCorp


This training is mandatory for all employees.   Each employee will participate in the training at the time of their hire and every year thereafter.  Employees, directors and officers are expected to know and comply fully with this policy.


 Patra is committed to providing a safe work environment, free of discrimination and harassment.  No employee, officer or director will illegally discriminate against or harass any individual or allow illegal discrimination or harassment to go unreported. Inappropriate conduct or comments based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, veteran status, age, sexual orientation, or disability will not be tolerated. Employees, officers and directors are expected to treat others with respect and dignity. Full cooperation should be extended to others in all business-related matters. It is the policy of the Company to maintain a first-class atmosphere consistent with a premier professional working environment.  Therefore, employees will at all times conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner and in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations of the insurance and professional services industries.


Individuals with questions or concerns related to the Code or who need to report a possible violation of law are encouraged to discuss the matter with their managers or supervisors. Individuals may also seek guidance directly from the Company’s Compliance Officer, Lee Ruiz (compliance@patracorp.com). To the greatest extent possible, all such reports will be kept confidential.


In addition, persons who wish to report a concern related to the Code, report a possible violation of law, or seek guidance on a confidential basis may use the Company’s compliance portal. Through the portal, individuals can file a report or ask a question online or via a toll-free telephone call, and may choose to remain anonymous. To help ensure confidentiality and, if requested, anonymity, the Patra Portal is hosted by an independent, third party.  Individuals may access the compliance portal as follows (more detailed information is provided in the Patra Employee Handbook):

  • Website: www.lighthouse-services.com/patracorp
  • Toll-Free Telephone:
    • English speaking USA and Canada: 833-770-0003
    • Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288
    • India:  000-117, then 800-603-2869

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