STOP! Only take this course if you have already started it as a new hire. Otherwise please go take the new course.

We are excited to offer this interactive Harassment Prevention program to all our employees in a format that is specific to your home state and your job at Patra.

This version of the Harassment Prevention curriculum is designed specifically to meet all legal requirements for employes who are NOT manangers and live in all states EXCEPT California and New York.  If you are a manager or live in California or New York please return to the Compliance tile or to the MY COURSES section and find the appropriate course.

To launch the video – please select the video in COURSE NAVIGATION to your right.  You will be required to view the entire program to complete this required course – but you will be able to exit the video and return to it where you left off should you need to break your viewing time into smaller segments.

For any quesitons regarding the content, or need help finding the correct version of this course, please contact Erika Peters, Director of People Operations or Jonathan Pyle, VP of Global Human Resources.


Course Materials